Fvwm : The best window manager :)

Hi all ! My Name is olivier, i'm 38 years old now ( damn ! i can't believe it myself ). I've started messing with GNU/Linux and Gnome2 around 2003. Like many of you, i've tested so much DE - WM like fluxbox,xfce, enlightenment 6 & 7, icewm ... Back in these times, some guys on gentoo's forum were talking about Fvwm ( around 2005 ) so i decided to give it a try. Many configs were available , and many people used to talk on the Fvwm forums. I managed to learn how to use the damn "thing" but without going further. Then i moved for gnome 2 again.All was fine until the gnome team decided to move for Gnome 3.That was a treason. So i needed something to replace my desktop.I've made some room for xfce ...

it was great but ...

I'm using Funtoo ( a gentoo fork ), and i had one day some trouble with dependancies. This GNU/Linux distribution is a source distrib, and you have to mess everyday with deps.Even if things are a lot better today, compiling from sources a desktop can brings a lot of SH#!~"% and it bored me, it was time to find something lighter to manage and ...

get back to Fvwm !

I've been testing this config for 2 years now.It's almost finished for me.I don't really need anything more. I've decided to share it.It will be my tribute to Fvwm :) Please feel free to hack it. If you have any question, please ask on fvwm forum.

Da config

some screenies :

blue config screenshot dark config screenshot white config screenshot

Since i know you all very well ;) here the links to wallpapers :
Empire of the lights (blue config)
Brokenwaves (light config)
Golden pavilion (dark config)

You'll need: Xclock, Xterm, Feh, Xcalendar, trayer-srg, Xosview, Alsa and compton if you want transparent windows.
Features : Calendar ( top-right of screen ) , volume control, theme-changer.
Resolution is 1920x1080.

Grab my config

You'll may need this dot Xdefaults

What to do with it ?

Thanks to:

All Fvwm coders and community: What has been done is much appreciated and i've learned a lot.
Thomas adam: He has given many of his time for Fvwm.he always has been precise with his informations, and helped many of us, thank you thomas.
The black dragon : A discreet guy but always around.He is admin on Fvwm forum.
Lucky: He was an involved fvwm user , he had a web site called "station-linux.org".This site was really helpfull.
Taviso ( tavis ormandy ) : well , i think everybody knows his config, he was ( and still is ) a real hacker.In facts, this config was started with taviso's one.My first idea was to "restore" his old config.You'll find some parts of his code in mine.
PEM: His config was ( is ) really nice.One of the first config i've tried to hack => PEM's config

And thank you to all other people i forgot here.